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133 Roebling St
(Between North 4th and North 5th St)
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Monday-Friday: 10am-8:00pm
Saturday: 11am-5:00pm

Sunday: 11am-5:00pm




Last UV tan is taken at closing time based on bed availability.
New clients MUST arrive 15 minutes earlier for registration.
UV Tanning limited to once every 24 hours by law.
All Airbrush tans by appointment only.

The Urban Tanz Experience

Combine a chic yet comfortable atmosphere with an exotic flair and the world’s best tanning equipment. You’ll be greeted by friendly, knowledgeable staff who are experts on tanning.

Whether you’re looking for a tanning bed or a standup, you’ll love the relaxing experience and the incredible bronze results. Once you try Urban Tanz you’ll see why it’s Williamsburg’s best tanning experience.

UV Single Sessions

KBL P9 Extra Sun:

  6 Minutes         $36
8 Minutes          $40
10 Minutes         $44
The KBL Extra Sun offers Red Light Therapy along with intensive sunlight for increased pigment development! Led “BeautyBooster” lights have 3 levels of intensity to adjust to the clients preference. Additionally, Extra Sun offers an aqua cooling mist, air conditioning, aroma odor control, bluetooth, a wireless charging station and more!

Sunrise 6200:

  6 Minutes           $26
 7 Minutes           $28
 8 Minutes           $30
 9 Minutes           $32

The Sunrise 6200 provides a natural tan that is achieved in a quick 9-minute session stand up booth. The Vibra-Shape Training feature offers a fitness boost through a vibrating floor that helps reduce cellulite and tone leg muscles. At this time, Urban Tanz is the only salon to carry this high perfomance unit with Vibra-Shape!

Prestige 1000:

  6 Minutes          $30
8 Minutes           $34
10 Minutes          $38

Tanning in the Prestige 1000 is truly a luxurious experience. The Prestige 1000 provides straight off the beach color and features an aqua mist for cooling and aromatherapy for a
true, spa-like feel.

Open Sun 1050:

  8 Minutes          $36
10 Minutes          $40
12 Minutes          $44

Ergoline’s all-time best-selling premium unit, the Open Sun is a proven performer giving you quality, bronzed results in 12 minutes or less. Featuring an open-air design and a built-in air conditioner for maximum comfort, the Open Sun 1050 is truly state of the art. Popular with clients needing a more immediate tan and for those who have a tendency to burn easily.


UV Tanning Packages

Level 1

Sunrise: 5 minutes

3 Pack $55 
5 Pack $75 
10 Pack $135
Monthly Unlimited $139

Level 2

Sunrise: 7 minutes
Prestige 1000: 6-8 minutes

3 Pack $70
5 Pack $95
10 Pack $155
Monthly Unlimited $159

Level 3

Prestige 1000: 10 Minutes
Sunrise: 9 Minutes

3 Pack $80
5 Pack $115
10 Pack $175
Monthly Unlimited $179

Level 4

Open Sun 1050: 8-10 minutes
KBL P9 Extra Sun: 8 minutes

3 Pack $100
5 Pack $145
10 Pack $225
Monthly Unlimited $229

Level 5 *ALL ACCESS*

Open Sun 1050: 12 minutes
KBL P9 Extra Sun: 10 minutes

3 Pack $115
5 Pack $155
10 Pack $245
Monthly Unlimited $249


*All 5 Session Packages expire 3 Months from date of purchase.
*All 10  Session Packages expire 1 Year from date of purchase.
*All Monthly Packages expire 1 Month from date of purchase.

Airbrush Tanning Packages

Our Limited Time Reduced Pricing!

*Subject to change*
Please use the link below to book your airbrush appointment OR use the Book link on our Instagram @Urban_tanz.
*We do not accept airbrush appointments over the phone nor do we accept walk in airbrush requests*

A $25 Deposit is required to book your appointment time. Appointments booked on the same day will be charged an additional $10 fee. Booking in advance is encouraged. Upon completion of your airbrush tan, your $25 deposit will get refunded to your card and you will then be charged the FULL amount of your airbrush tan.
Please review our Airbrush Care Instructions listed below & our Cancellation Policy.
All Airbrush packages below expire within 1 year from date of purchase.

8 Hour Solution

Single Session:
Package of 5 Sessions:
*Plus 1 Free!

1 Hour Solution

Single Session:
Package of 5 Sessions:
*Plus 1 Free!

30 Minute Solution

Single Session:
Package of 5 Sessions:
*Plus 1 Free!

All Airbrush Packages expire 1 year from date of purchase.
**A $25 deposit is required when booking your airbrush appointment. This amount will be REFUNDED after your session, and then you will be charged the FULL amount after your airbrush session is completed. Appointments booked on the same day will be charged an additional $10 fee. Extra Airbrush coats are an additional $20 charge. Booking in advance is encouraged.
Deposit will be lost if any of the following occurs: Appointment is cancelled OR rescheduled less than 12 hours of your appointment time OR are a NO SHOW**


All of our solutions contain natural ingredients. We offer a variety of pigments for different skin tones and types. Sensitive skin? Our solutions are hypoallergenic and oil free. In addition, they are organic, nut-free, alcohol-free, and gluten-free. Very important facts for very important skin! They not only bronze, they moisturize while delivering vitamins and skin-firming agents to keep your skin looking its best!
Urban Tanz employs only the most experienced, certified tanning technicians that will ensure you are pleased with your results. They will make you feel comfortable and listen to what you would like to achieve. Our technicians will be able to customize your perfect color in just minutes by analyzing your skin type and tone. From deeply dark to naturally glowing, we have you covered!


Any exfoliation should be done the day prior to your scheduled airbrush appointment. This includes waxing, shaving, or using exfoliating scrubs. We recommend that you do not use oil based exfoliators or soaps. Manicures or pedicures should also be done prior to your appointment.
After your airbrush session, it is important to know to wait a minimum of 8 hours before showering, unless using one of our express solutions. Your first shower should be a soap-less rinse followed by softly blotting your skin dry with a towel


On the day of your appointment, do not apply perfumes, deodorant, lotions, makeup or oils to any parts of your skin. This will ensure an even tan. Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing when coming to your appointment.
It is recommended to stay away from activities that will make you sweat excessively for 24 hours

To extend the life of your tan, ask our technicians about our oil-free lotions and body wash products. Only use oil free moisturizers after your first shower. Do not use any lotion prior to showering. It is best to avoid exfoliation for 3 days. 


Microblading is the process of implementing ink into the skin via small and shallow cuts made by a special hand held tool. Unlike traditional tattooing, microblading results are typically semipermanent, meaning that depending on a person’s skin type and healing process, the ink eventually fades thus requiring another application. This feature benefits the person who wants the ease and convenience of long lasting cosmetic ink without committing to it permanently. The process also allows the technician to create wispy, natural hair like strokes which either blend in with pre-existing hairs to create a fuller look, or completely give the appearance of natural eyebrows for those who have little to no hairs.
$500 includes 2 sessions. Expect each session to be no longer than 2 hours. Please book online.

Here are some

  • Connector.

    -Approximately 0-15% of ink will remain after the healing of the first application. After the second application, about 15-35% of the ink may remain, while a third application can help the skin retain about fifty percent.

  • Connector.

    -Everyone’s skin is different which consequently affects the rate of ink absorption. For example, dryer skin retains more ink while oilier more porous skin may lose a lot of ink and require many applications.

  • Connector.

    -Immediately after microblading, the lines will look quite sharp and dark; however, as the skin heals, the lines will become hazier as the ink bleeds into the surrounding skin. Everyone heals at different rates, however, the typical healing process involves a day or two of very pronounced ink, which is followed by scabbing, a short period of ” vanishing brows” ( due to the epidermis replenishing itself thus forming a thick layer of skin which temporarily camouflages the ink) and then finally we see which lines took and where more need to be added during the second application. While many clients are pleased with the initial application of ink, most will need a second, some a third. Our price includes two applications which typically suffice.

  • Connector.

    – Lidocaine is applied before microblading and while many people do not feel any pain at all, it is not atypical to feel some discomfort; it’s completely normal to feel a little tugging or scratching sensation while the procedure is being done. Some redness, light swelling, or a feeling akin to ” rug burn” may last for a day or two but usually disappears by the next day. ***If any symptoms other than the aforementioned ones occur, (such as infection, bleeding, pus etc ) you must see a doctor immediately.****

  • Connector.

    -Expect the procedure to last anywhere from an hour to three hours. The first phase of your appointment basically involves “playing around ” with your brows- meaning we discuss shapes, pencil in some ideas, and basically do any necessary shaping up with a shaver and take the proper measurements so we can achieve the most symmetrical outcome. Please note that no one’s face is perfectly symmetrical including the eyebrows, but we strive to make them look as attractive and natural as possible.The second phase involves sterilizing the eyebrow area and applying the lidocaine cream which takes at least 25 minutes to take effect. Thirdly, we start the actually microblading process and implement the ink into your skin. And finally, after we have decided that the brows look good and cleaned off any excess ink, a layer of medical silicone is applied ( very similar to liquid band-aid) to help keep the area free of microbes in the immediate hours after the fresh cuts are made.

  • Connector.

    -the after care process is not at all tedious but does call for a little patience! Immediately after the microblading process is finished, a coat of silicone is applied to the eyebrows (similar to liquid band-aid). It lasts about two days during which time, extreme care must be taken to keep the area free from debris. Splashing cold water is okay but without soap. Avoid touching your brows so as to prevent the spread of microbes. Some clients experience scabbing and itching after a few days. This is absolutely normal. The brows may even seem to ” disappear” for a few days; however, this is just the skin replenishing itself as it heals. The strokes that took will reappear. If one experiences scabbing or itching, it is best to avoid touching or scratching as this may inhibit ink absorption and affect the overall appearance of the brows.

  • Connector.

    -After two days, a gentle cleanser may be used, and afterwards it is highly recommended that extra virgin coconut oil be applied twice a day, for a period of about 7-10 days. During this time, it is advisable that the client avoids sweating, tanning, swimming in a pool or ocean or any other activity that may prevent the freshly microbladed brow from properly healing. After ten days, you may go back to your regular skin care routine and be sure to use SPF on your eyebrows so as to prevent fading. After a period of at least 4-6 weeks, the client may come in for their second application. During this appointment, we will see how the skin absorbed the ink and make any necessary adjustments.

Our microblading technician is certified and licensed by the city of New York and adheres to all laws and regulations to not only ensure a sterile work environment, but to provide the best possible service for our clients. While adverse effects are rare, the client will hold neither the technician nor the salon responsible for any resulting injury  that occurs during or after the procedure, or results not to one’s liking.

Tooth Gems

Get your bling on! Tooth Gems, made of small Genuine Swarovski Crystals are placed on your tooth/teeth to glam up that smile. They are applied to the tooth/teeth by a certified technician using safe and sterilized dental equipment. The process is non-invasive and your teeth will not be harmed. The gem can be easily removed without any damage by a dentist at your regular cleaning.

Our Swarovski crystal application prices begin at $45 for the initial crystal, $75 for 2 crystals, and 3 for $95. Additional crystals are $25 each. This application typically takes about 25 minutes. A whole tooth covered is $175 and the application process will take 1 hour. We also offer 24k Gold or 18k Silver pieces that begin at $130. Please call in advance for gold jewelry as these are special order.

Teeth Whitening

The DaVinci Professional Method
The DaVinci Teeth Whitening treatment provides dramatic results for anyone who wants to whiten their teeth. This includes people with teeth that have been stained by smoking or by substances such as coffee, tea, soda, wine and other consumable items. We also see great results on people with teeth stained by tetracycline, fluoride, and hereditary discoloration.

*Please do not brush your teeth within 4 hours of your appointment! You will be on an all “white food” diet such as rice, potatoes, pasta, etc for 24 hours following your appointment. You will be given take home instructions.*

DaVinci is a Proud member of the HDA (Holistic Dental Association)

Learn MoreBook an Appointment!

Here are some

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    The DaVinci Professional Method
    -The DaVinci Professional method is a non-dental, self administered process that provides clients with professional guidance to safely guide them through the whitening process. Using the DaVinci LED blue laser light in combination with our proprietary blend of whitening gel to give the best whitening results you can achieve. Our professional method is used by medical spas, Aesthetics and Wellness centers, Salons, and entrepreneur looking to start a teeth whitening business.

  • Connector.

    Is DaVinci Teeth Whitening treatment for everyone?
    -The DaVinci Teeth Whitening treatment provides dramatic results for anyone who wants to whiten their teeth. This includes people with teeth that have been stained by smoking or by substances such as coffee, tea, soda, wine and other consumable items. We also see great results on people with teeth stained by tetracycline, fluoride, and hereditary discoloration.

  • Connector.

    How long will the whitening last?
    -This varies from person to person and depends on your diet and lifestyle. However, with proper maintenance and periodic touch-up treatments, you can keep your smile looking great for a lifetime.

  • Connector.

    Is DaVinci Teeth Whitening safe?
    -Yes, the DaVinci whitening gel formulation is an organic plant and mineral based product with built in enamel building qualities. Scientific research has shown that the active ingredients in the DaVinci Teeth Whitening Gels are safe and effective. Our whitening equipment is FDA approved and has been used throughout the dental and cosmetic community for years. DaVinci Teeth Whitening does not change or damage the structure of the teeth; it merely lifts and removes the stains, making your teeth whiter.

  • Connector.

    How long does the treatment take?
    -Treatment times are 20 to 60 minutes depending on the discoloration of your teeth and how white you want them. It takes no longer than the time it would for you to have a haircut or a facial – it is that simple!

  • Connector.

    How long will the whitening last?
    -This varies from person to person and depends on your diet and lifestyle. However, with proper maintenance and periodic touch-up treatments, you can keep your smile looking great for a lifetime.

  • Connector.

    Does it hurt?
    -No, because our signature laser gel is all natural. The treatment does not hurt and most clients experience no sensitivity. A very small percentage of clients may feel some tooth sensitivity, especially if they are dehydrated or consume very cold/hot foods or drinks within two hours after the whitening session. Any sensitivity is short term and gone within 24-48 hours. We do offer solutions for those that are concerned about sensitivity.

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Light is essential to all life on earth. Outside of the various psychological & physiological reasons there’s a growing body of scientific evidence showing people actually require light exposure to function effectively.
Indoor tanning lotion helps build and maintain your color while hydrating your skin. Most lotions are formulated with essential vitamins and skin firming compounds. We carry a large variety of bronzing and accelerating lotions to help you reach your desired results.
TYPE I – Very fair skin, always burns easily, severely, never tans.
TYPE II – Fair skin, burns easily, tans minimally or lightly peels.
TYPE III – Burns moderately and will eventually tan.
TYPE IV – Burns minimally and will tan well.
TYPE V – Always tans, rarely burns.
TYPE VI – Always tans profusely. Never burns.
The outer most layer of skin, called the epidermis, contains special cells called melanocytes. Ultraviolet B rays stimulate these cells and cause them to produce melanin. Each of us has a different amount of melanin. Fair-skinned, fair-haired people generally have less than dark-haired, dark-skinned people. This determines, for the most part, how quickly and how dark your skin will tan.
The time necessary to build a great tan depends on several factors;
-your skin type
-the equipment
-the frequency in which you tan.
In a hurry? Don’t like to wait? For your convenience, we carry fast-acting express solutions that set within 30 minutes to 2 hours.
We offer bulk packages with discounts… and host discounted airbrush groups, such as bridal parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties or even girl’s/boy’s night out!